'Rock Rose ' to be shot Spring 2019 and produced by Andy Evans, Celyn Jones, Ade Shannon, Sean Marley and Alex Ashworth at Mad As Birds films:


New mood promo shot in Anglesey July 2017, details soon



"Transformation Lessons" launch

I am one of the authors of a book launching Oct 18th at the Rembrant Hotel in London. This book has 38 chapters written by myself and 37 experts in the area of self-help and transformation. It will be available on Amazon shortly! Tickets here:


If you are interested in investment for the projects above please contact me to discuss possibilities of credits and finance plan.

Or you could contribute to the development of these and other projects via the link below:


If you do wish to contribute to project development please send me an email for more info.





You are welcome to email me to learn about my availability for Film Directing work and about all my current projects.



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