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My passion for films started when I was 8 years old. My navy officer dad moved us to a base in the north of Brazil for a couple of years, a secure beach paradise that had everything - except a cinema. Actually, it did have a cinema, but that doubled up as a church on Sundays. My earliest memories of film are my first communion, at the cinema, and the priest saying mass and giving us the communion wafer against a backdrop of not Jesus on the cross, but a huge white cinema screen behind him. I never forgot that image, and although I’ve been a lapsed Catholic for a long time, that probably sealed my fate.


Following a 23-year career as script supervisor on projects such as The Essex Serpent, Beast and 28 Weeks Later, I have been writing and directing my own films, all of which have won many awards along their BAFTA and Academy Award-qualifying festival runs:  I now have 3 feature films in development, one at a breakthrough stage, and would really love to produce other talented filmmakers’ work.


You can also check my credits on my IMDB page


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