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My passion for films started when I was 9 years old. My navy officer dad moved us to a Navy Base in the north of Brazil for a couple of years, a secure beach paradise that had everything - except a cinema. Actually, it did have a cinema, but that doubled up as a church on Sundays. My earliest memories of film are my first communion, at the cinema, and the priest saying mass and giving us the communion wafer against a backdrop of not Jesus on the cross, but a huge white cinema screen behind him. I never forgot that image, and although I’ve been a lapsed Catholic for a long time, that probably sealed my fate.


I never went to film school although I believe that watching films is in itself an education; my degree was in Graphic Design and Fine Art, and by the time I graduated I realized filmmaking was in my DNA  - but how to get there? I had more or less kick-started a career as a minor pop star in the meantime, playing drums and singing with 3 different bands, achieving some success, releasing albums, hanging out at the Copacabana Palace with the pop glitterati of the day, but the lack of fulfillment meant I had to make a choice.


 I sold my car, my drums, and got a ticket to England, a country I have since made my home. I managed to find work as a script supervisor in film and TV, where I have built a solid career working on projects such as Beast, Berberian Sound Studio, 28 Weeks Later, East Is East and many more, working with brilliant directors such as Neil Jordan, Gillies Mackinnon, and Shekhar Kapur. Script Supervising has been my film school for years, and I finally found the courage to connect with that paradigm shift -  which caused a seismic impact at the age of 9, when I first watched Visconti’s ‘Death In Venice’ at that cinematic church - and launch my own directing career.


The filmmakers which inspire my own work do so because their films take my cognizance into new pathways – and every time I watch their films for the 3rd, 4th or 20th time I see something new and unexpected.


Since 2004 I have been writing and directing films, all of which have won awards along their BAFTA and Academy Award-qualifying festival runs:  I now have 4 feature films in development, one at a breakthrough stage, and would really love to produce other talented filmmakers’ work, and find talent wherever it lies hidden.




"Stand guard at the portal of your mind"

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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