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SEA CHANGE (UK 2012, 23 mins) click on film title to watch on Vimeo


Produced by AIR films, Goldcrest and Pendragon School

Directed by Marinella Setti, written by Joel Jenkins, produced by Celyn Jones, starring Jo Hartley, Patrick Regis, Celyn Jones, Sandra Huggett, Patrick Elue and Toby Jones.  


SEA CHANGE has been licensed for broadcast to London Live TV network as part of a package of 'Best Of British Urban Film Festival'.


Best Dramatic Short at Worldfest Houston

Best short nominee Cork Film Festival

Best short nominee Filmnorth, Canada

Best actress award for Jo Hartley, ICFF

Grand Jury Prize at SWIFF, London


LUREX and CHASMOGAMY now available online on my Vimeo channel, click on film titles below to watch.


 LUREX (2004, 6 mins, 35mm anamorphic)


"...Lurex makes smart use of film grammar to insinuate a three-way thingy between mannequins..."(Nick Bradshaw, Time Out magazine)


Special Awards and Nominations:

Award for Innovation Nominee (Bird's Eye View Film Festival, London)

Audience and Best Short Film Awards (Spice Fest/Hackney Short Cuts)

Special Mention (Festival Der Nationen, Austria)

plus many other selections and nominations worldwide

Selected by the British Council



CHASMOGAMY (2008, 8 mins, S16mm)


"...amazing depiction of an everyday London transport experience..." (Director John Maybury)


"...I regularly screen Chasmogamy to my film students, it is pure cinema..." (Rhode Island International Film Festival CEO George T. Marshall)


Special Awards and Nominations:

Soundscape & Best International Short Nominee, Filmfest Dresden, Germany

(Filmfest Dresden regularly screens Chasmogamy on its 'BEST OF FEST' selection)

Best Culturally-Inclined Short Film, Strasbourg International Film Festival, France

Best Humanitarian Film Award + Angel Peace Award + Best Supporting Actress, Monaco International Film Festival

Time Out Best London Film Award Nominee, London Short Film Festival

Best Short Film Nominee, Rhode Island International Film Festival

Best Short Film Nominee, Capalbio Cinema, Italy *

Selected by the British Council

Finalist at Moondance International Film Festival

(* Capalbio Cinema regularly includes 'Chasmogamy' in their 'Best Of' touring program - it was also selected for inflight entertainment for all Alitalia long haul flights,

plus many selections and nominations worldwide)


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