Coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy growing up lonely and isolated in 1980's Anglesey, North Wales. His friendship with an isolated old man transforms his life and heals old family wounds.




Directed by Marinella Setti

Written by Lisa Baker

Produced by Mad As Birds films 




'PERLA S'  - based on Arnost Lustig's "The Unloved"

written by Terry Newman & Marinella Setti

Produced by https://czech-film.cz/


 A coming of age drama set in the Nazi transit camp Theresienstadt (Terezín), where  young teenage prostitute Perhoose betweela will do anything to stay alive - but as she witnesses friends and family transported east she is forced to grow up and choose between life or honour.





(An independent romantic comedy set in Newcastle)


Directed by Marinella Setti

Written by AR Langley




Produced by Gerry Maguire (associate producer on BAFTA-nominated "I Am Nasrine")            

The project has attracted support from Northern Film and Media and from Vita Nova films producer Steve Bowden and Harry Brown/ The Descent producer Keith Bell via their Film Business Bootcamp at Digital City, Middlesbrough)

Briefs & Encounters' website here


(Gothic Sci-fi set in 1857 in London)


Directed by Marinella Setti

Written by Marinella Setti & Terry Newman             




Premise: In a turbulent world about to be transformed by new technology - steam, electricity and the telegraph - a young woman with a dark past and a fated young man confront his uncle's biomedical revolution; a breakthrough that could herald a future beyond anybody's comprehension.





(working title) by Craig Rutherford



by Terry Newman & Marinella Setti



(working title) by Marinella Setti


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