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Marinella Setti Mantle is a director & writer originally from São Paulo, Brazil, based in London UK for more than 25 years, where she honed her craft through many years, from an early start as a volunteer for NFTS student films through to recent work on James Bond’s No Time To Die, The Essex Serpent, and co-directing splinter unit on soon to be released Apple TV+ series Disclaimer.


Having trained as a musician and graduated as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, she made the move to London to pursue a Film Directing MA but decided to save the money and start gaining experience on film and TV jobs, initially as a script supervisor. This became an area of expertise for many years, in which she gained much experience and prestigious credits, working with directors such as Neil Jordan, Alfonso Cuarón and Guy Ritchie.


Her first screenplay for the short film LUREX was selected out of 600 entries for production by Tower Hamlets Film Fund, winning awards, and nominations along its festival tour. The same happened with her other films CHASMOGAMY and SEA CHANGE.


Marinella is packaging her feature project ROCK ROSE, written by Lisa Baker, produced by Gareth Owen and exec produced by Angus Finney. Its concept trailer can be viewed on the work & news page.


Marinella is a 2022/2023 Directors UK Inspire programme alumnus. 


Marinella’s latest film MESSIAH is now in post-production.


Gillies Mackinnon

"Marinella's short films are highly distinctive, exotic and witty. I long to see what she does with a broader canvas, her first feature film."
John Maybury
"Marinella's short films are hugely accomplished, and I only hope she starts directing features as soon as possible."
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