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Marinella is a director & writer originally from São Paulo, Brazil, brought up on a regime of TV dinners, horror and classic films, and a lapsed Catholic education. As a Navy brat on a remote military base, she spent countless afternoons watching films such as Death in Venice and the original Suspiria at the local cinema, which doubled up as church on Sundays – which probably determined her choice of career at some subconscious level!

Graduating as a Fine Artist and Graphic Designer didn’t really inspire her to follow either, but she found her place among the young cult popstars of the day, joining bands as drummer and singer and writing about cinema, biding her time until the dream of making films was more grounded in reality.

Moving to the UK was the next step, although the plan of doing a directing degree at the National Film and Television School was eventually abandoned in favour of saving the money and volunteering on student films and getting work as a script supervisor and checking out what it was really like to work on a film set.

Marinella hasn’t really looked back since; she’s had a very successful career in film and TV, working with many different directors and actors, such as Neil Jordan, Shekhar Kapur, Bryan Cranston and Toby Jones (who also played a major role in one for her short films).

Her first screenplay for the short film LUREX was selected out of 600 entries for production by Tower Hamlets Film Fund, winning awards and nominations along its film festival tour. The same happened with her other films CHASMOGAMY and SEA CHANGE.

Marinella is packaging her project Rock Rose, written by Lisa Baker, produced by Gareth Owen and executive produced by Angus Finney. Casting is underway and its mood reel can be viewed on the Work page.

Marinella is also developing two screenplays, romcom The Rain And The Rainbow, and Gothic Noir Mentalo.

Marinella has been selected for the prestigious Directors UK mentorship scheme, throughout 2022-23

Gillies Mackinnon

"Marinella's short films are highly distinctive, exotic and witty. I long to see what she does with a broader canvas, her first feature film."
John Maybury
"Marinella's short films are hugely accomplished, and I only hope she starts directing features as soon as possible."
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